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Our diffuser are designed to handle a large volume of air quietly with excellence through various airflow patterns. Our Square Diffusers are designed to fit any space without sacrificing aesthetics while delivering outstanding performance.All square and diffuser types have standardised neck dimensions for duct mounting according to ISO standard.


  • Supply or return air application
  • Complete assembly from extruded aluminium sections
  • Ridgid, heavy gauge extruded frames with reinforced
  • Special patterns are available (Optional opposed blade damper)
  • Powder coated finish, standard colour white
  • Various sizes are available on request

These Volume Control Dampers are suitable for regulating or shutting off the air flow in air ducts with rectangular or square crosssections.The blades are manufactured from aluminium profiles and the frame is produced from galvanized steel sheets. The blade action is realised with the help of gears by a linkage mechanism. All of the dampers are produced either with damper actuators or with actuator bases or with a manual locking quadrant.


  • Made with high-quality extruded aluminium profile
  • Use as opposed blade damper for square diffuser
  • Accurate gear wheel control with screwdriver adjustment
  • Various sizes are available on request

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